October 12, 2018

Welcome to our East West College Blog!

At East West College, we have a passion for healing therapies and teaching! We are based in Surrey, but most of our courses can come to you, so if you can get a group together of your own, we will do the travelling. Just contact us with your dates and arrange a venue.

Occasionally, we also organise courses in Reading and Edinburgh.  

East West College was originally founded in 2009 to teach a 3-year Diploma of Shiatsu. Since then we have branched out to teach a Diploma of Anma with Master Instructor Fugaku Ito and our own Diploma and Certificate of Acupressure.

We teach a system called Three Family Shiatsu, a system chosen by Jamie as reflects the interconnectedness of the Six Divisions of channels. The concept of the Six Divisions was taught originally to Jamie by Tim Mulvagh of Classically Based Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is an amazing technique to give and to receive, to feel refreshed, nurtured and rebalanced.

However, with the community of Shiatsu practitioners getting smaller, we have branched out to teach Continuing Professional Development to Acupuncturists (CPD), with some innovative courses teaching cutting edge approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

We know that pulse diagnosis is an age-old tool to discern the condition of a patient. However, the teaching of pulse diagnosis itself sometimes leaves much to be desired in terms of results and conclusive evidence.

Jamie is offering a Pulse Diagnosis workshop which can help to clarify the classical texts, the Mai Jing, in particular, whilst keeping the method clear and understandable.

We are also currently running trainings in Shiatsu for Acupuncturists and Dr Wang’s Applied Channel Theory. Do get in touch to tell us what courses you would want for CPD.

Carina Hamilton


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