Applied Channel Theory

Fundamentals of Applied Channel Theory with Jamie Hamilton (2 Days)                            

Price: £260                in Edinburgh on  14 - 15 June 2024
Price: £230                in Farnham on 27 - 28 September 2024
Price £230                 in Farnham on 7 - 8 March 2025

This introduction to Applied Channel Theory and channel palpation, pioneered by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, explores the detailed model of the six channel system, and theories of qi transformation which may result in channel changes. These provide a new way of understanding Chinese medicine physiology and pathophysiology.

We will go through the principles of Applied Channel Theory step-by-step following the ideas presented in Jason Robertson's textbook. At every point it will be backed up by practical exercises to firmly ground the theory in the diagnostic palpation of the channels.To read testimonials about this course from previous participants, please see below.

Attendance on this course will qualify graduates to attend future advanced workshops with Jason Robertson or Jonathan Chang.

We offer monthly palpation tutorials as a follow on to this class.

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Our intermediate follow-on course will focus on the Yang Channels. Date: 13-14 September 2024 / Farnham

This new 2-day course with East West College on Applied Channel Theory and channel palpation, pioneered by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, explores the physiology of the Yang Channels adding more depth to the understanding as found in the above introductory course. To book this, please go to our bookings page.

Testimonials from Fundamentals of Applied Channel Theory course:

Fantastic course, really practical and super interesting. Jamie is a very knowledgeable and generous teacher. Sandra Hart, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Jamie is a wonderfully knowledgeable tutor, educational and entertaining...a great combo. D. M. June 2021 (Edinburgh)
A good combintation of theory and practise which can be easily used in a clinical setting. I feel confident to use techniques and information given on clients next week in clinic. Laurie Heaps, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Wealth of information shared that can be transformed into clinic immediately. Adam Leighton, Nov 2021 (Farnham)
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to move along and enhance TCM knowledge, I feel like it's the depth that should have been done at college.   Sarah Crockford, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Highly recommend this course. Well explained and very interesting. A great addition to my toolbox. Debbie Sheldon, Nov 2021 (Farnham)
A well-designed course, perfectly pitched. I appreciate the clarity with which these complex concepts are presented and left with many practices that I can apply and use in my work.    Chris Crockford, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Thoroughly recommend Jamie's course. I feel much more confident with the theory and what I am feeling in my patients and my point selection.                 Helen Game, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Would recommend to others wanting to broaden their knowledge of the channels.   Amanda Smith, June 2021 (Edinburgh)

It feels like the missing link I have been looking for. Kerry Robinson, Farnham Oct 22
A brilliant teacher, A brilliant weekend, a brilliant system which offers a clear compass to show how to treat. After more than 10 years in practice, at long last Chinese medicine makes sense. Paul Chedgey. April 2023

Really enjoyed and found useful. Jamie has a lovely mix - approachable, humble, and knowledgeable - I really enjoyed the energy he gives to teaching. Ian Fitzpatrick, April 2023

Exceeded expectations - very satisfied. Brilliant content, very useful. Good amount of hands-on practice. Excellent teacher. Good handouts. C. Stone, April 2023
What an enjoyable and educational two days. I feel excited to go out and start palpating channels and implementing elegant treatments! Lucy Humphries, March 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Wang's therory related to Tung and Tan styles?

In a word: "no". All three of these teachers did emphasise the need for palpation of channels and used ideas that relate to the six channels (Taiyang, Shaoyin etc.) but Dr. Wang's approach contains a theory base very much in line with classical Chinese Medicine, whereas Dr. Tung (and Dr. Tan whose work was based on Dr. Tung) has a different lineage of thinking.

Can you teach a course where I am based?

Yes we can. With about a 6 person minimum we can come to you with a similar cost stucture to the courses quoted above.

What if I am a shiatsu practitioner?

You may well be able to join our courses. If you have a reasonable TCM knowledge you should be fine with any.

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