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Welcome to East West College, provider of innovative continuing professional development courses (CPD).

Based in Farnham (Surrey, UK) we specialise in short courses for acupuncturists and practitioners of shiatsu and Chinese medicine. We teach online and in-person. Practical courses take place in Farnham, Reading or Edinburgh; if there is demand we can travel to near you.

An essential aspect of the theory and practice we teach is that of classical channel theory, presenting these key concepts in both a theoretical and practical manner:

- We explore Applied Channel Theory as taught by Dr Wang Ju-Yi with introductory as well as advanced courses.

- Another focus of study is effective pulse diagnosis as described in the Mai Jing taught by co-Principal Jamie Hamilton, whose book on this subject Essential Pulse Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine: Mai Jing ABC Method will be published on 23 April 2022.

This year we are delighted to welcome guest tutors to teach their specialisms for us:

- Advanced online workshops on Applied Channel Theory with Jonathan Chang

- For Yang Sheng and Qigong we are pleased to invite Peter Deadman, author of Live Well Live Long. Peter will teach a residential weekend in September 2022 following our excellent retreat of the same name in July 2021.

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Course Testimonials:

"Enjoyable, articulate and inspiring, I would recommend Jamie's 'Mai Jing Pulse Diagnosis' to almost every acupuncturist I know". Jonathan C-W, Edinburgh. May 2019
"Very interesting to have more ways to analyse a pulse in a practical way". Kirsten S, Falkirk. May 2019
"This Applied Channel Theory course with Michael Phoenix has been the most relaxed, enjoyable and informative course I have ever been on. The combination of theory and practical brought things alive. I have learnt lots of new techniques to take back to clinic and I know I will have good results. A totally brilliant 3 days". Nov 2018
" Studying shiatsu at East West College has been a joy. Jamie is an excellent, enthusiastic and inspiring tutor and the charming setting of the Tatami Room is the perfect tranquil location for learning and practising Shiatsu. Acquiring the skills to be able to make a difference to an individual’s well-being has given me a refreshingly new outlook on life." Sue, Oxford 2012

Jamie Hamilton Acupuncture Practitioner

Innovative CPD for Acupuncture

East-West College was set up as a shiatsu school in 2009 and ran several rounds of Diploma courses in Shiatsu and Anma before becoming a specialist provider of CPD courses for the acupuncture profession.

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