Mai Jing A-B-C Method

Welcome to the information page for the book "Essential Pulse Diagnosis", published 21st April 2022 by Singing Dragon.

“It is great to have the book finally published. I was inspired to share this information as the pulse descriptions in the Mai Jing are extremely clear and clinically very useful. Yet at the same time, they seem to be widely unknown. I tested these methods for a period of about 4 years in a variety of clinical settings. The pulse findings lead to new and useful understandings about the nature and function of the 5 elements and the 8 extraordinary vessels. As a result I needed to make this information better known, teaching a pulse skills course on the subject and then writing the book”
Jamie Hamilton

Watch a 30-minute interview with Jason Robertson: here The topics discussed are:

Discovering the Mai Jing / What sparked Jamie's interest? / How long has he been teaching this method? / How does it fit with standard approaches to pulse diagnosis?

This page will contain up to date information about the pulse method and insights as to the application of it. Case studies will be included in the fullness of time.

Two Day Mai Jing Course Teaching Abroad:

- Seattle in June 2023

- Winterthur in Switzerland on 27-28 January 2024 at Chiway Academy

Do you have any questions about the method? Do ask using the form on the Booking page. Jamie Hamilton will reply to you and we may then include the question and reply in a "Q and A" section here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Wang's therory related to Tung and Tan styles?

In a word: "no". All three of these teachers did ephasise the need for palpation of channels and used ideas that relate to the six channels (Taiyang, Shaoyin etc.) but Dr. Wang's approach contains a theory base very much in line with classical Chinese Medicine, whereas Dr. Tung (and Dr. Tan whose work was based on Dr. Tung) has a different lineage of thinking.

Can you teach a course where I am based?

Yes we can. With about a 6 person minimum we can come to you with a similar cost stucture to the courses quoted above.

What if I am a shiatsu practitioner?

You may well be able to join our courses. If you have a reasonable TCM knowledge you should be fine with any.