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2022 - Glorious weekend - enormous appreciation to all for making it such a rich experience - thanks, Carina, Jamie and Peter! (Catherine Scanlon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Wang's therory related to Tung and Tan styles?

In a word: "no". All three of these teachers did emphasise the need for palpation of channels and used ideas that relate to the six channels (Taiyang, Shaoyin etc.) but Dr. Wang's approach contains a theory base very much in line with classical Chinese Medicine, whereas Dr. Tung (and Dr. Tan whose work was based on Dr. Tung) has a different lineage of thinking.

Can you teach a course where I am based?

Yes we can. With about a 6 person minimum we can come to you with a similar cost stucture to the courses quoted above.

What if I am a shiatsu practitioner?

You may well be able to join our courses. If you have a reasonable TCM knowledge you should be fine with any.

Is East West College on Facebook? 

Yes, keep in touch by connecting here

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