Mai Jing Pulse

October 12, 2018
Mai Jing Pulse

The Mai Jing, or pulse classic, is a famous ancient Chinese text from about 300BC

Although we describe it as being easy to learn, to date (!) to our knowledge this classical and historical method of pulse diagnosis has not been taught systematically in Acupuncture colleges.

The writing of the Mai Jing gives an explanation of the theory and practice of pulse taking, but one has to take a close reading of it to develop a clear understanding of this method.

At East West College, we teach a straightforward approach to pulse taking which explains, according to the information in the Mai Jing, how the pulse can be read and what significance each pulse type can reveal. 

This practice can revolutionise and speed up diagnosis of a patient’s condition, which can be double checked by other means, but is also a stand alone method.

We feel confident that this approach will enable acupuncture and shiatsu practitioners to get even more accurate readings and also thereby enable better clinical results.

Carina Hamilton


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