What is Applied Channel Theory and why study it?

April 27, 2020
Applied Channel Theory

Applied Channel Theory as developed by Dr Wang Ju-Yi is a way of diagnosing imbalances and illness through the key insight that in the presence of disease the channels will experience changes.

The late Dr Wang taught a means of palpating the channels or meridians of the body to ascertain their health or weakness and to open them prior to needling for example thus enabling the points themselves to be stimulated.  The theory groups the channels into three systems, the Metabolic (Shen), Circulatory (Blood) and Nutritive (Qi) so we can more easily understand the Six Divisions. With an deeper understanding of this channel system, protocols for diagnosis and treatment can be applied to even the most complex clinical cases.

Dr Wang’s legacy is now being taught by his apprentices Jason Robertson and Jonathan Chang amongst others with whom East West College is pleased to develop teaching of Applied Channel Theory in the UK from Introductory level to Advanced courses.

Carina Hamilton


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