Learning via translated texts

March 23, 2019
History - Philosophy

Understanding each other’s language is our primary means of communication and transmission of ideas.

In the case of translating Chinese medical texts into English, our understanding of the text in English is only as good as each particular translation. Meanings might be interpreted singularly or in myriad ways. Due to the volume of work, translators of Chinese medical texts into English versions, have tended to be full time translators rather than Chinese Medical practitioners.

As Chinese characters and surrounding clusters encapsulate significance which might frequently be lost in translation, the opportunity to study the meaning of significant characters can clarify important aspects of the Chinese medicine itself. Each zangfu organ has a 'cluster' of Chinese terms that are used specifically with it: for instance, the classics state to 'firm the spleen' rather than the looser idea of to 'tonify the spleen'. Chinese medical terminology represents a vital link to our interpretation of the Chinese Medicine itself.

East West College is delighted to invite guest lecturer Deborah Woolf to explain and bring to a wider audience the details of these essential characters. An experienced teacher of Classical Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, Deborah 's knowledge and love of the Chinese language enables direct interpretation for practitioners of Chinese Medicine. Explore key characters and phrases related to the twelve zangfu organs to deepen your understanding of their function and dysfunction. Her two day workshop will look at Chinese Medicine through the characters and reveal their meaning

Carina Hamilton


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