CPD courses 2022 - 2023

Mai Jing Pulse Diagnosis (December) / Applied Channel Theory (October 2022 and Online, also in Nov 2023), we offer follow on training for advanced Applied Channel Theory based on the case studies of Dr Wang Ju-Yi / Yang Sheng - the nourishing life tradition (September), qigong with lifestyle education

We have in-person as well as online workshops

Please contact us if you would like more information about our courses and new course dates which may as yet be unpublished.


Online Intermediate Course on Applied Channel Theory

*Insights from the clinic of Dr Wang Ju-Yi: Channel Diagnosis & Point Studies*

Preivous Online Workshops with Jonathan Chang (for more info please get in touch via the contact form on the bookings page):

This six class online lecture series covered insights about Dr Wang's clinical experience and scholarly research including case studies. This recorded series is an excellent follow on from our introductory in-person class. The original class took place from May - November 2021. This excellent series may be repeated in future, however, it is essential to have attended our in person course beforehand.

1) - 4) Introduction to Channel Theory: Tai Yin and Yang Ming system / Jue Yin and Shao Yang system / Shao Yin and Tai Yang system. Other six level relationships.

5) Advanced Point Combinations: Open-Pivot- Closing relationships

6) Clinical Application of Extraordinary Vessel Theory.


The subject matter of the course was really good and very helpful to being able to understand the channels and their relationship to each other. I liked the fact Jonathan demonstrated some of the channels on his own leg/ hand as much easier to understand than on a diagram and helpful to go over some points, like the way to find  and needle DU19 . His tips for finding points or palpating certain areas was also helpful like feeling for changes on the heart channel. Having the theory then cases to illustrate what he was teaching about the channels was very helpful. Catriona Jennings, May 2021
I'm enjoying this so much. This week I've had 3 trigeminal neuralgias and a sacral back pain all treated using this method with brilliant results. M.Duma, 14 May 2021


A Monthly Series: In-depth Clinical Cases (Advanced level)

Twelve Online Classes with Jonathan Chang  

From January 2022 to March 2023 / £80 for one or £215 for three

During this new series, Jonathan Chang will explain Dr Wang's clinical cases from his case studies book (the Chinese edition). This will cover fifteen topics from the most relevant chapters on Respiratory and Circulatory cases to Gynaecology and Anxiety-Depression.

The live online classes start in January 2022 and will go through the year (excluding July, August and December), based on the last Friday of the month 9am-1.30 pm UK time. We will run four blocks of three seminars, each set of three will cost £215 or £860 for all 15 topics. You can also book a class singly. If you attend all twelve seminars you will receive a Certificate of Clinical Studies. We believe learning live is best, but we also will be recording each teaching session.

If you have taken our introductory workshop, you can dip in and out of this according to subject matter that interests you.

The outline study plan is as follows:

Part One: 28 January / 25 February / 25 March 2022 will cover these systems:

Respiratory (Cough); Gastro-Intestinal Disorders; & Circulatory System; A Lung Cancer Case

Part Two: 29 April / 27 May / 24 June 2022 will cover:

Urinary Tract and Sweating; Nervous system, including Bells Palsy and Shingles; Allergies

Part Three: 30 September / 28 October / 25 November 2022 will cover

Gynaecology; Headaches; and Joint Pain

Part Four: 27 Jan 2023 / 24 February 2023 / 31 March 2023 will cover

Back Pain; Insomnia; Anxiety and Depression

Important Notice: Prior to attending this advanced series, it is important to have completed a two-day introductory in-person workshop first.

Jonathan's engaging and direct style of teaching using diagrams and online writing tools make for an enjoyable and productive learning outcome. The session will be recorded.

This is a special chance to study with one of Dr Wang's official apprentices who spent five years as his full-time assistant. Jonathan is originally from Canada but has lived in China since 2002 and is an instructor for the Wang Ju-yi Applied Channel Theory Research Center.

One additional informal and optional online session per month will also be offered by East West College to support participants with questions and their own case studies. The structure of this is pending confirmation but will likely be a collegiate style session.

Book here for the new 12-class series starting January 2022 / or just a single class

See testimonials for these lectures below:


I have attended many seminars and teaching of Chinese Medicine. Jonathan's teaching is for me the most relevant to my clinical practice not only because of the system he is teaching but also the way he unreservedly shares his knowledge and experience to fellow practitioners. Orly Barziv
Clear, well-organised and informal style of teaching. Content is inspiring and clinically helpful. Jonathan is really good at presenting Dr Wang's case studies systematically in a way that really helps to understand Dr Wang's clinical reasoning. The organization of these courses is excellent. Very happy I signed up for all the classes and looking forward to the next ones. Monique Staring
I just finished watching Jonathan Chang's first monthly webinar on Dr. Wang's clinical cases (this first one is on coughs), and it's such a fantastic learning tool. I couldn't make the live webinar last 28 January (because I always work on Fridays), but I've been plugging away at watching the videos. I wasn't sure at first if Ishould register for the course because I knew I wouldn't be able to participate in the live webinar. But it doesn't matter because the case discussion allows me to review Dr Wang's channel physiology and look at how to apply the pointpairs in real cases. Jon has an engaging teaching style, and I very much like how he remembers how Dr Wang approached cases, and of course the reasoning behind the treatments. A real bonus is the clear explanation of Dr Wang's point location, which sometimes differs from the textbook location. Tess Lugos
10/10 : Great as always. The case about Lung Cancer was really helpful to see Dr Wang's thinking process in a complex case like that. Damian Allegretti


Fundamentals of Applied Channel Theory / Edinburgh

2 days                                                           £250            

Jamie Hamilton       An in-person course (next date in 2023 TBC)

This introduction to Applied Channel Theory and channel palpation, pioneered by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, explores the detailed model of the six channel system and theories of qi transformation.  These provide a new way of understanding Chinese medicine physiology and pathophysiology, and how this manifests in channel changes. We will go through the principles of Applied Channel Theory step-by-step following the ideas presented in Jason Robertson's textbook. At every point it will be backed up by practical exercises to firmly ground the theory in the diagnostic palpation of the channels.To read testimonials about this course from previous participants, please see our website courses page: www.eastwestcollege.co.uk

Attendance on this course will qualify graduates to attend advanced workshops with Jason Robertson or Jonathan Chang.

Venue: 7 Victoria Terrace, central Edinburgh

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to move along and enhance TCM knowledge, I feel like it's the depth that should have been done at college.   Sarah Crockford, June 2021
Highly recommend this course. Well explained and very interesting. A great addition to my toolbox. Debbie Sheldon, Nov 2021

A well-designed course, perfectly pitched. I appreciate the clarity with which these complex concepts are presented and left with many practices that I can apply and use in my work.    Chris Crockford, June 2021
Thoroughly recommend Jamie's course. I feel much more confident with the theory and what I am feeling in my patients and my point selection.                 Helen Game, June 2021
Would recommend to others wanting to broaden their knowledge of the channels.   Amanda Smith, June 2021


Live Well Live Long - YANG SHENG - with Peter Deadman

A Weekend Residential                       £440

9-11 September 2022 (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon)

In September 2022 we are returning to the peaceful location of Charney Manor following last year's residential to continue with the invaluable teachings outlined in Peter Deadman's book, 'Live Well Live Long'. This draws on the wisdom of the Chinese nourishing life tradition as well as the latest thinking from scientific research.

The weekend will be an enjoyable and potent mix of qigong and lifestyle education. Our guest tutor Peter Deadman will teach qigong forms (backed up by videos) as well as how we can cultivate our minds, emotions, bodies, and breath to increase health and wellbeing.

Watch Peter's explanation of the concept of nourishing life on this video link: https://youtu.be/Nulu_Bfx1Nw

The event will be suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners of qigong but a moderate level of fitness is recommended. There will be several hours of qigong every day, in addition to health and lifestyle talks.

Contact us on the Bookings page if you are interested in attending or reserve your place early with a deposit.

Amazing opportunity to hear about a fascintating, endless topic. Great organisation, pacing and duration. Highly recommend. Cintain Quintana, July 2021
Thank you for a heart-opening, nourishing weekend which has been a feast for the senses. Sally Assor, July 2021
10 out of 10! Couldn't have been better. Carina and Jamie make every effort to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of participants. The course was well structured, paced and ultimately very enjoyable. Victoria Conran July 2021


Fundamentals of Applied Channel Theory with Jamie Hamilton

2 Days.                             £230

7- 8 October 2022 (Friday & Saturday)

This introduction to Applied Channel Theory and channel palpation, pioneered by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, explores the detailed model of the six channel system and theories of qi transformation.  These provide a new way of understanding Chinese medicine physiology and pathophysiology, and how this manifests in channel changes. We will go through the principles of Applied Channel Theory step-by-step following the ideas presented in Jason Robertson's textbook. At every point it will be backed up by practical exercises to firmly ground the theory in the diagnostic palpation of the channels.To read testimonials about this course from previous participants, please see our website courses page: www.eastwestcollege.co.uk

Venue: Farnham

Attendance on this course will qualify graduates to attend future advanced workshops with Jason Robertson or Jonathan Chang.

Farnham in Surrey is on the main train line from Waterloo, and the journey takes 1 hour. For accommodation, we could recommend the Bishop's Table Hotel, the Bush Hotel or the Premier Inn.

Book this course here

Testimonials from this introductory course:

Fantastic course, really practical and super interesting. Jamie is a very knowledgeable and generous teacher. Sandra Hart, June 2021
Jamie is a wonderfully knowledgeable tutor, educational and entertaining...a great combo. D. M. June 2021
A good combintation of theory and practise which can be easily used in a clinical setting. I feel confident to use techniques and information given on clients next week in clinic. Laurie Heaps, June 2021
Wealth of information shared that can be transformed into clinic immediately. Adam Leighton, Nov 2021


In-Depth Mai Jing Pulse Diagnosis in Farnham with Jamie Hamilton

2 Days                                                   £230

2-3 December 2022 (Friday - Saturday) An in-person course

This method of pulse diagnosis is easy to learn, clarifies underlying theory and shows hard to diagnose aspects such as the 5 Element constitution and 8 Extraordinary vessel imbalances.

The Mai Jing pulse diagnosis technique is presented in detail. It gives a clear picture of the 6 paired channels, 8 Extraordinary Vessels and importantly gives an accurate reading of the elemental imbalance and CF. This latter aspect is quite a revolution for 5 element practice as the reading very much complements and corroborates findings of CSOE (colour, sound, odour, emotion). It also gives a special insight into the nature of Yin and Yang pulses. With a unique notation method and a clarification of the position and character of the pulse, we can re-discover the dynamic qualities of the pulse qualities that we already know.

With an enhanced method of pulse diagnosis that we are confident in, we can in turn better understand the meaning of certain important topics in Chinese Medicine theory; this makes for a significant difference to clinical results and enjoyment of practice.    

Eligibility: Suitable for Acupuncture Practitioners.

This course teaches the method outlined in Jamie's new book on the subject (see below)

Venue:  Farnham

"Enjoyable, articulate and inspiring, I would recommend Jamie's 'Mai Jing Pulse Diagnosis' to almost every acupuncturist I know". Jonathan C-W, Edinburgh. May 2019
'Very satisfied; this has opened up the whole subject of diagnosis'. Bruce McCallum
Jamie's new book was published in April 2022 by Singing Dragon


Advanced Applied Channel Theory with Jason Robertson

Edinburgh  9-11 November 2023       3 Days           Costs to be announced

A 3-day seminar in Edinburgh will present an in-depth advanced practice of Applied Channel Theory based around the Command Points and their usage in relation to point combinations. Jason's experience as an apprentice of Dr Wang Ju-Yi in Beijing and his busy practice in Seattle will will inform the teaching. The theory behind what is now called 'applied channel theory', based on his book of the same name, will underly the clinical reasoning. Prior to the in-person event we will also be offering an online lecture.

The course is only available to graduates who have already completed a previous Applied Channel Theory foundation course (either at East West College or elsewhere).

The class size will be restricted to a maximum of 20 people, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Venue: Quaker Meeting House, central Edinburgh        

Our 2021 video (new one to follow soon)....


Testimonials from 2021:

This was a great course with a good balance between theory and practical. I especially enjoyed the practicals where we were encouraged to be very precise in our point location and needling techniques. There was always someone available to guide us. Jason was very ready to answer questions and engage in discussions. I look forward to his next visit. Catriona Jennings / Oct '21
Jason Robertson's understanding is deep and complete, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to watch him palpate and needle. Insightful and profound. Cintain Quintana / October '21
Jason is a truly excellent teacher and the course was really well managed. Andrew Burton / Oct '21

Testimonials on this course from 2019:

'Revelatory 10/10, actually even better - 12/10'. Gaenor F-S
'It will take my practice to the next level....My practice had benefitted massively from these workshops. It's been a difficult transition to try to only use a lead point pair, but it has made me think more carefully about diagnosis and what I want to achieve with the treatment. Jason's mantra of "is it stuck or is it moving?" and "is it really deficiency or just stagnation?" are my key words in clinic. Knowing how to identify where a channel actually lies should be acupuncture 101 when taught at BSc level, but surprisingly isn't and knowing how to identify an actual point by feeling the channel and finding the space is a lightbulb experience. Knowing I can get deqi on every point has given me confidence to really limit my needles - 2 well placed point pairs with deqi are I now think far more therapeutic than 10 needles in anatomical location..'. Martine Duma    
'Fantastic course, inspirational'. Anne-Marie Gabriel

To buy the Purple Dragon Pro-Salve which warms muscles, joints, channels and points (used here with a heat lamp and as demonstrated on this workshop) go to: https://www.purpledragonremedies.co.uk/


We have previously offered CPD courses in the interpretation of the Chinese characters in Chinese medicine (of the Zangfu organs) with Deborah Woolf (these are now available digitally via ICOM)


See more details about the tutors offering current courses on the next page...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Wang's therory related to Tung and Tan styles?

In a word: "no". All three of these teachers did emphasise the need for palpation of channels and used ideas that relate to the six channels (Taiyang, Shaoyin etc.) but Dr. Wang's approach contains a theory base very much in line with classical Chinese Medicine, whereas Dr. Tung (and Dr. Tan whose work was based on Dr. Tung) has a different lineage of thinking.

Can you teach a course where I am based?

Yes we can. With about a 6 person minimum we can come to you with a similar cost stucture to the courses quoted above.

What if I am a shiatsu practitioner?

You may well be able to join our courses. If you have a reasonable TCM knowledge you should be fine with any.