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CPD Courses 2023 - 2024 Online and In Person

- Essential Pulse Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine based on the Mai Jing pulse classic

- Applied Channel Theory based on the teachings of Dr Wang Ju-Yi. In May 2024 we are offering a 3-day in-person course with Jonathan Chang.

Learning channel palpation with Jonathan Chang

- Tuina and Advanced Bodywork click here for info

In 2024 we are launching a new Diploma of Tuina and Advanced Bodywork jointly taught by Nick Lowe and Jamie Hamilton which will start in November.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our courses.

Most of our in-person courses are based in Farnham, Surrey but we also provide courses in other places (indicated below) including Exeter and Edinburgh. Farnham is on the South West Trains line from Waterloo, and the journey takes 1 hour. For accommodation, we could recommend the Bush Hotel, the Premier Inn or AirBnB.

In 2024, our pulse course will be taught in Winterthur, Switzerland in January (course full), in Farnham in late February and in Edinburgh in mid-June. See below for more details.


Two-Day Mai Jing Pulse Diagnosis - Jamie Hamilton

Price £230     in Farnham on 23-24 February 2024

Price £260     in Edinburgh on 11-12 June 2024

This method of pulse diagnosis is easy to learn, clarifies underlying theory and shows hard to diagnose aspects such as the elemental imbalance and Extraordinary vessel imbalances.

Click here for a short video about this course

A longer interview with Jason Robertson on this pulse method can be found here 

The Mai Jing Essential Pulse Diagnosis technique gives a clear picture of the 8 principles, the 8 Extraordinary Vessels and the elemental imbalance (CF in 5 Element practice). With a unique notation method and a clarification of the position and character of the pulse, we can re-discover the dynamic qualities of the pulse qualities that we already know.

With an enhanced method of pulse diagnosis that weare confident in, we can in turn better understand the meaning of certain important topics in Chinese Medicine theory; this makes for a significant difference to clinical results and enjoyment of practice. The Mai Jing Essential method derives from a careful assessment of the techniques found in the classicof the pulse, the Mai Jing. It uses methods found in that classic that are easy to use and learn and can make a significant improvement to clinical results andenjoyment of practice.

The course goes through the key methods of this unique diagnostic technique outlined in Jamie's book (see below).

Eligibility: Suitable for Acupuncture Practitioners .

This course teaches the method outlined in Jamie's new book on the subject (see below). Please read the introduction and Phase A before attending the course.

Venue:  Farnham           

Learning Outcomes:

Gaining the skills of the method of clearly palpating the radial artery, with the patient on a couch and the wrist in a vertical position.

Understanding the Mai Jing Essential method found in three broad steps.

Understanding how the pulse reading responds to treatment and the relevance of that to thepatient’s condition.

Understanding how to integrate these new methods into our existing understanding and skill set.

The course is particularly suitable for those who are new practitioners and for those who have lost (or never gained) confidence in pulse taking.
"Enjoyable, articulate and inspiring, I would recommend Jamie's 'Mai Jing Pulse Diagnosis' to almost every acupuncturist I know". Jonathan C-W, Edinburgh. May 2019
'Very satisfied; this has opened up the whole subject of diagnosis'. Bruce McCallum
Thorough - and could almost be extended to three days. Jill Marks, Edinburgh 05/22
Over all satisfaction: on a scale of 1-10 = 1000 ! Judith Blair, Edinburgh 05/22
Fascinating, inspiring and well explained. Lovely mix of practical, explanations from handouts and additional texts. Fantastic two days. Janet Stevens, Edinburgh, May 2022
A clear and very helpful course that has both served as a review of known pulse knowledge as well as a very useful expansion into the 5-levels theory which will be incredibly useful in clinic as an aid for 5-element diagnosis. Marie-Ange Mignot, Dec 2022
Brilliant content. Can't wait to start using this method. Brings clarity and focus to pulses. Rachel Bird, Dec 2022
Superb! Such a clear and concise lecture with very visual learning and hands on which is imperative. Sarah Webb, Dec 2022
This course is suitable for everyone that wants to improve their pulse taking skills; with a hands-on practical approach. Kerry Byrne, Dec 2022


Fundamentals of Applied Channel Theory with Jamie Hamilton (2 Days)                            

Price: £230                in Farnham on 8 - 9 March 2024
Price: £250                in Edinburgh on  14 - 15 June 2024

This introduction to Applied Channel Theory and channel palpation, pioneered by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, explores the detailed model of the six channel system, and theories of qi transformation which may result in channel changes. These provide a new way of understanding Chinese medicine physiology and pathophysiology.

We will go through the principles of Applied Channel Theory step-by-step following the ideas presented in Jason Robertson's textbook. At every point it will be backed up by practical exercises to firmly ground the theory in the diagnostic palpation of the channels.To read testimonials about this course from previous participants, please see below.

Attendance on this course will qualify graduates to attend future advanced workshops with Jason Robertson or Jonathan Chang.

We offer monthly palpation tutorials as a follow on to this class.

Book this course here

Testimonials from this introductory course:

Fantastic course, really practical and super interesting. Jamie is a very knowledgeable and generous teacher. Sandra Hart, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Jamie is a wonderfully knowledgeable tutor, educational and entertaining...a great combo. D. M. June 2021 (Edinburgh)
A good combintation of theory and practise which can be easily used in a clinical setting. I feel confident to use techniques and information given on clients next week in clinic. Laurie Heaps, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Wealth of information shared that can be transformed into clinic immediately. Adam Leighton, Nov 2021 (Farnham)
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to move along and enhance TCM knowledge, I feel like it's the depth that should have been done at college.   Sarah Crockford, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Highly recommend this course. Well explained and very interesting. A great addition to my toolbox. Debbie Sheldon, Nov 2021 (Farnham)
A well-designed course, perfectly pitched. I appreciate the clarity with which these complex concepts are presented and left with many practices that I can apply and use in my work.    Chris Crockford, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Thoroughly recommend Jamie's course. I feel much more confident with the theory and what I am feeling in my patients and my point selection.                 Helen Game, June 2021 (Edinburgh)
Would recommend to others wanting to broaden their knowledge of the channels.   Amanda Smith, June 2021 (Edinburgh)

It feels like the missing link I have been looking for. Kerry Robinson, Farnham Oct 22
A brilliant teacher, A brilliant weekend, a brilliant system which offers a clear compass to show how to treat. After more than 10 years in practice, at long last Chinese medicine makes sense. Paul Chedgey. April 2023

Really enjoyed and found useful. Jamie has a lovely mix - approachable, humble, and knowledgeable - I really enjoyed the energy he gives to teaching. Ian Fitzpatrick, April 2023

Exceeded expectations - very satisfied. Brilliant content, very useful. Good amount of hands-on practice. Excellent teacher. Good handouts. C. Stone, April 2023

Three days - Palpation and Clinical 'Internship' with Jonathan Chang

£450        in Farnham on 4 - 6 May 2024

The objective for this course is to provide participants who have completed introductory courses on Applied Channel Theory with a three day in-person class that re-creates the experience of interning in Professor Wang Ju-yi’s clinic. Apprenticeship inDr. Wang’s clinic involved constant practice of channel palpation and point locations, with clinical observation and discussion of the day’s cases.

The main goal of the course will be due to refine the participants’ clinical thinking skills according to Dr. Wang’s approach through live clinical cases. Theories of channel differentiation and channel selection will be discussed, which is essentially the analysis and integration of information derived from the patient’s symptom pattern and findings from channel examination. Further discussion on channel qi transformation theory will help in carry out this kind of analysis.

During the course, patients will be treated to see how these principles are applied in a live clinical setting. Each part of the clinical diagnosis will be analyzed and discussed, step by step. The entire system of ACT from channel theory, channel examination, channel differentiation, channel selection, point selection and point locations will be discussed for each case. In this way, clinical thinking according to ACT will be emphasized, which will help students gain a better rasp of this system.

Mastery of applied channel theory involves a combination of an understanding of channel theory with the skills of palpation of both channels and points. One aspect that was missing with the online classes was to ensure correct palpation of channels and points. Itis important that  students are using the proper palpation technique and are also feeling for the channels and points in the right locations. One other goal of this course is that by the end of the course, through constant practice and review, participants will have greatly improved their palpation techniques.  

During the course, review of palpation of the 12 main channels, du vessel and abdomen will be covered. Location of the main points used for each treatment will also be practised.  

In essence, this will be an intensive course on Applied Channel Theory, with the main objective of training participants to achieve higher mastery of this system, and to build confidence in their clinical application of ACT.


recently finished....

Advanced Applied Channel Theory with Jason Robertson

Price £450                  in Farnham on 9-11 November 2023       3 Days          

This three-day seminar in Farnham will present an in-depth advanced practice of Applied Channel Theory based around the Command Points and their usage in relation to point combinations. It relates to chapters in Jason’s book No. 16 & 17. There will be plenty of practicals and hands on.

Jason's experience as an apprentice of Dr Wang Ju-Yi in Beijing and his busy practice in Seattle will inform the teaching. The theory behind what is now called 'applied channel theory', based on his book of the same name, will underly the clinical reasoning. Prior to the in-person event we will also be offering an online lecture.

The course is only available to graduates who have already completed a previous Applied Channel Theory foundation course (either at East West College or elsewhere).

Venue: Farnham Maltings

Our venue at Farnham Maltings is situated a 5 minute walk from Farnham Station (from London Waterloo it is 1 hr on the train / 45 mins from London Heathrow by taxi).

Testimonials from 2023
A fantastic 3-day seminar (Diving Deeper into Point Categories) which has been very educational and very inspiring - so many useful nuggets and practical information - opening up a deeper way to work. Thank you so much. Paul Chedgey, Nov. '23
It's always so well organised with care, passion and love. Damian Allegretti, Nov. '23
Exciting and engaging courses with depth and detail. Clark Stevens, Nov. '23

Testimonials from 2021

This was a great course with a good balance between theory and practical. I especially enjoyed the practicals where we were encouraged to be very precise in our point location and needling techniques. There was always someone available to guide us. Jason was very ready to answer questions and engage in discussions. I look forward to his next visit. Catriona Jennings / Oct '21
Jason Robertson's understanding is deep and complete, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to watch him palpate and needle. Insightful and profound. Cintain Quintana / October '21
Jason is a truly excellent teacher and the course was really well managed. Andrew Burton / Oct '21

Testimonials from 2019:

'Revelatory 10/10, actually even better - 12/10'. Gaenor F-S
'It will take my practice to the next level....My practice had benefitted massively from these workshops. It's been a difficult transition to try to only use a lead point pair, but it has made me think more carefully about diagnosis and what I want to achieve with the treatment. Jason's mantra of "is it stuck or is it moving?" and "is it really deficiency or just stagnation?" are my key words in clinic. Knowing how to identify where a channel actually lies should be acupuncture 101 when taught at BSc level, but surprisingly isn't and knowing how to identify an actual point by feeling the channel and finding the space is a lightbulb experience. Knowing I can get deqi on every point has given me confidence to really limit my needles - 2 well placed point pairs with deqi are I now think far more therapeutic than 10 needles in anatomical location..'. Martine Duma    
'Fantastic course, inspirational'. Anne-Marie Gabriel

Nov 2019 / Reading
Oct 2021 / Reading
November 2023 / Farnham


For Practitioners :

Joint and Muscle Balm warms muscles, joints, channels and points (used here with a heat lamp and as demonstrated on this workshop)

Both of these rich and effective products powered by herbs and resins are made by hand with 100% natural ingredients. Buy from this site:


I've done two courses now with East West College which have both been amazing. Fascinating, inspiring and well explained. Janet Stephens, Edinburgh 05/22
'And the cakes you made were delicious!' Larissa Mosca



New for 2024 - in Exeter, Devon!

Diploma of Tuina and Advanced Bodywork in Acupuncture Practice with Jamie Hamilton and Nick Lowe:

Integrating Tuina, Palpation Skills and Advanced Bodywork into Acupuncture with Applied Channel Theory

We are delighted to introduce a new 12-day diploma based on tuina and other bodywork techniques such as shiatsu and anma skills, sotai stretching and other methods. We will learn advanced pulse diagnosis for Luo Collaterals and Eight Extraordinary Vessels with the Mai Jing system. We believe that incorporating tuina and advanced bodywork into your practice will give you additional confidence with handling the body and giving a new way of treating channels and points with pressure and stretching. Explore and treat the channels in a completely new way, both enhancing your current practice and possibly creating new lines of treatment. It is intended to be used in conjunction with and complementary to Acupuncture.  The addition of acupressure to an acupuncture treatment can provide patients with a greater sense of nurture and wellbeing.

Venue: Exeter Community Centre, Exeter.

Full Price: £1500  

Option 1: Stage 1 also as a standalone weekend: November 3-days : £375.  (Course remainder, Stage 2, payable before second weekend : £1,125).

Option 2: Pay for Stages 1 & 2 at once including a £50 discount: £1,450.

Course dates are during four sets of three-day weekends (Friday- Sunday).

Course dates in Exeter as follows:

  • 8, 9, & 10 November 2024
  • 31 January 2025 & 1 & 2 Feb 2025
  • 21 March (Magdalen) 22, 23 March 2025
  • 23, 24, 25 May 2025
  • Case Work: 10 case reports including 1 in depth case study
  • Channel anatomy assignment: report key local anatomical features along a pathway

We believe that incorporating tuina and advanced bodywork into your practice will give you additional confidence with handling the body and giving a new way of treating channels and points with pressure and stretching. Explore and treat the channels in a completely new way, both enhancing your current practice and possibly creating new lines of treatment. It is intended to be used in conjunction with and complementary to Acupuncture.  The addition of acupressure to an acupuncture treatment can provide patients with a greater sense of nurture and wellbeing.

You will learn:

  • How to integrate tuina and advanced bodywork techniques of shiatsu and anma to increase sensitivity of touch: “the listening touch” and become confident in depth of pressure work.
  • Learn the Applied Channel Theory approach as taught Dr Wang Ju Yi as it relates to musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Region by region, condition by condition (mapped to channel system).
  • In-depth treatment strategies for commonly seen conditions.
  • Learn palpation and physical assessment skills to significantly improve diagnostic confidence.
  • Improve your confidence and skillset in assessing and treating musculoskeletal problems.
  • Refine point location skills and needling techniques.
  • Pulse diagnosis focus on Mai Jing system for Luo Collaterals and 8 EV.
  • 18-stance Qigong

Teaching will be via:

  • An intensive and comprehensive training course, in-person and online, with quality learning resources.
  • Remote and in-person clinical observation.
  • Treatment approach supported by real clinical data.
  • Case report writing training and patient outcomes tracking software (optional or traditional analogue use).

 Optional additional in person tutorials and online lectures will be available, but are not a mandatory part of the course.


Exeter Community Centre, St David's Hill, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3RG

Easily accessible by train and Exeter International airport

Exeter Community Centre


Retreat  - YANGSHENG and on Nourishing Life

A Weekend Residential                       £TBC

(Friday evening to Sunday afternoon)

Following our recent residential in Oxfordshire on qigong and yangsheng, we are now looking ahead to our next residential in two years. Watch this space!

Contact us on the Bookings page if you are interested in attending and reserve a provisional place.

Amazing opportunity to hear about a fascintating, endless topic. Great organisation, pacing and duration. Highly recommend. Cintain Quintana, July 2021
Thank you for a heart-opening, nourishing weekend which has been a feast for the senses. Sally Assor, July 2021
10 out of 10! Couldn't have been better. Carina and Jamie make every effort to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of participants. The course was well structured, paced and ultimately very enjoyable. Victoria Conran July 2021

5/5 I am really glad I chose to come ine the end. Would definitely recommend it. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. A good balance of qigong and yangsheng talks, I found Peter Deadman an amazing teacher. He explained the qigong sequences very well and was inspirational in his talks. Larissa Mosca, Sept 22

2022 - Glorious weekend - enormous appreciation to all for making it such a rich experience - thanks, Carina, Jamie and Peter! (Catherine Scanlon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Wang's therory related to Tung and Tan styles?

In a word: "no". All three of these teachers did emphasise the need for palpation of channels and used ideas that relate to the six channels (Taiyang, Shaoyin etc.) but Dr. Wang's approach contains a theory base very much in line with classical Chinese Medicine, whereas Dr. Tung (and Dr. Tan whose work was based on Dr. Tung) has a different lineage of thinking.

Can you teach a course where I am based?

Yes we can. With about a 6 person minimum we can come to you with a similar cost stucture to the courses quoted above.

What if I am a shiatsu practitioner?

You may well be able to join our courses. If you have a reasonable TCM knowledge you should be fine with any.

Is East West College on Facebook? 

Yes, keep in touch by connecting here

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