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East West College in Farnham (Surrey, UK) has been teaching Diploma courses in Shiatsu, Acupressure and Anma since 2009.

Now our focus is on short 3 day courses for acupuncturists and shiatsu practitioners.

This year we are introduce a new 3 day course "Shiatsu for Acupuncturists" and continue with our exploration of Applied Channel Theory with Michael Phoenix. Click here for more details.

Our approach…

At East West College we believe that Shiatsu is a valid tool of administering both TCM and 5 element treatments. Pressure on both points and meridian pathways activates Qi in the points and meridians, thereby balancing the body and addressing relative excess and deficiency.

An essential aspect of the theory and practice of shiatsu as taught at East West College is that of classical channel theory, and specifically that of the 'Three Families', the 'Six Divisions' and the 'Deep Pathways' of the channels. To that end we present these key concepts in both a theoretical and practical manner.


Our mantra is that the Classical Chinese Medicine approach Relaxes Tension, Calms Anxiety and Increases Vitality naturally.


“Studying for a Diploma in Shiatsu with Jamie Hamilton and my fellow students has been a joy. Jamie is an excellent, enthusiastic and inspiring tutor and the charming setting of the Tatami Room is the perfect tranquil location for learning and practicing Shiatsu. Acquiring the skills to be able to make a difference to an individual’s well-being has given me a refreshingly new outlook on life.”

Sue S (Oxford)

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Three Family Shiatsu......Relaxes Tension, Calms Anxiety and Increases Vitality

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